BumpSaver SR7 is designed to give you the upper-hand in the most common of low speed parking incidents by diminishing the likelihood of scratches or small dents. The SR7 uses high-grade silicone, which remains flexible in a wider range of temperatures and significantly reduces the chance of leaving rubber marks on other cars, compared to inferior quality rubber.

Conceived to absorb and deflect as much energy as possible while still looking discreet, BumpSaver SR7 is a good choice to potentially save you time, money, and aggravation.


"I like the low profile look. I care about my car and I'm glad it can offer me a level of protection without taking away the style."
Tarik Johnson
Business Owner
"I am a pretty confident driver, but when my son in the back seat suddenly cried, I was distracted. The car in front stopped suddenly and I bumped into it. After seeing a live demonstration of BumpSaver, it probably could have saved me weeks of unnecessary hassle."
Linda Tran
High School Teacher
"Parking is tight where I live, bumping into each other happens often. BumpSaver made all the difference. After getting one for my neighbour and me, I feel safe enough to finally get my bumper repainted."
Martin Finerty
Sales Representative
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